Thank you for stopping by my blog! If you are reading this that means that you have noticed that our world is changing too. This blog is about climate change and extreme weather events that are happening around the world. While I do not have a scientific background I am a Specialist in the Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery field. I am also a citizen who shares a concern about the world and how we can prepare for our changing climate.

Rain bombs (wet microbursts), extreme drought, hotter than usual summers, arctic ice melting, sea-level rise. These are all terms used frequently in the media. What does all of this mean? I am anxious to find out. This blog is my quest for more information.

I frequently read news stories about climate change and I wonder what the impact will be? Where the impact will be? How will we know what has caused these events and how we can prepare for them? I will post some of these articles along with my commentary and questions. Please feel free to comment your questions and opinions as well. The only way to save our changing world is to put our heads together and think it through. Novice or not I want to know your thoughts too!

Thank you for visiting.

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